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Cape Cod Magazine's 20th Anniversary Edition (March 2018)

Cape Cod Magazine reached out to some of their favorite Cape Cod based Instagram accounts to share their stories and favorite images.
Cape Cod Magazine Feature

CCM: How do you curate your photos?
"I try to diversify the posts by sharing various locations around the Cape and featuring different types of photographers. Every day, I search #capeology and check any submissions I've received and save the ones I like for the future. However, I do also feature photos that don't use the hashtag. I've found that by utilizing #capeology on every post, it led to others using it on their posts as well and it just became a ripple effect."

CCM: Describe the look:
"The look of Capeology is more scenic than anything. As a general rule, I don't feature people or faces on the account. I love using vibrant colors and keeping the feed as clean looking as possible by simply focusing on the beauty of Cape Cod.