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About Us

I think the most popular question people ask me is, “How did Capeology start?” 

Nauset Beach

Well, I’ll tell you. In June 2013, my family bought a house in East Falmouth. I had grown up going down to the Cape ever since I was little, but that summer was different. I actually was able to explore other places and capture those moments through my camera lens. 

I knew I wanted an outlet to share these places with more people, so that’s how Capeology emerged. From there, it just started to blow up. Talk about being in the right place, at the right time. 

It was the peak of the summer season and the account was gaining more and more exposure. Photographers began to tag the account in their work and started to use #capeology on their posts. When that happened, I realized I had accidentally created a brand.

Fast forward to Memorial Day weekend 2019, I knew this was something I wanted to do full-time. I had the Cape Cod ring idea in my head for over a year, but there was always an excuse not to do it. 

Then I began to meet so many successful local businesses and owners through social media partnerships. When I would talk to them, their passion for their business would come through immediately. People would tell me that they heard that exact passion in my voice whenever I would speak about Capeology.

So I decided to go for it and bring my idea to life. And here we are. I’m so excited to bring my love for the Cape to others and hope these pieces will do just that. Photo above by @edavis.jr.

- Capeology