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Most-Instagrammed Hydrangea Destinations

Have you seen any of these iconic hydrangea photo ops on your Instagram feed before? Try to find some of these breathtaking spots this summer. Their beauty will not disappoint!

  • Hydrangea Walk - A different perspective of this iconic home on Shore Road, Chatham. 

Hydrangea Walk

Photo by @clusk61

  • Chatham Bars Inn - Landscaping perfection. 

Chatham Bars Inn

Photo by @jenweil3

  • Nantucket - Driveway goals. Have you seen this spot before?


Photo by @mackenziehoran

  • Cape Cod Hydrangea Festival - An annual celebration of the region's blue, pink, and white signature flowers and everything gardens! This ten-day festival's main attractions are the daily tours of private gardens, each designed and maintained by the individual homeowners.

Cape Cod Hydragea Festival

Photo by @midlifeadventuring

  • Osterville - A tip to help turn your hydrangea blossoms blue rather than the typical pink or white is to put coffee grounds in the soil to turn it more acidic. 


Photo by @newenglandnick

  • Wequassett Resort - Enjoy the hydrangeas with waterfront views! 


Photo by @nyccanadiansam

  • Heritage Gardens - When you visit, download their self-guided tour through the grounds to discover more about Heritages' 8 species of hydrangeas and over 170 exceptional cultivars. 

Heritage Museum

Photo by @ryanplantsplants

  • Nantucket - Did you know for hydrangea blooms to be pink, the plants must not take up aluminum from the soil?


Photo by @beauandro

  • Edgartown - No matter where you go in town, every street corner has picturesque hydrangeas. 


Photo by @gallery.41.70

  • Hunky Dory - Have you ever spotted this home on Nantucket?


Photo by @kmmarr_

  • Nantucket Constitution Cottage - Do you recognize this home from Old North Wharf? Did you know all of the cottages in this area were named after whaling ships that belonged to brothers Charles and Henry Coffin? 


Photo by @thejmbyronhouse


    • Hi Smita, unfortunately not in March. The hydrangeas typically start to bloom at the beginning of July on Cape!

    • Can we see these blooms by March ?

    • Hi Michelle, Stay tuned! We are working on “a places to stay” blog soon. :)

    • I would love to visit. Are there any cheap hotels there?

      Michelle Cogoni

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